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New Client Info

Important Airbrush Tan Info:

I am confident you will love your tan and enjoy your airbrush experience.  In order to have the very best tan and extend the life of that tan, I have attached some information on what you need to do before hand. 

-Please arrive 5 minutes prior for to you scheduled appointment to fill out the client consent form.

-I accept all forms of payment!  However, cash, check, and Venmo are free of any extra fees. 

-There is a 24 hour cancelation policy.  Please be courteous and let me know in advance if your appointment needs to be rescheduled.  If you cancel after the 24 hour limit, and you have a package with me, I will mark your canceled tan as used.  If you do not have a package with me and you cancel your tan after the 24 hour limit, you must pay in full for your rescheduled tan at the time at the time of rescheduling and prior to coming for your next tan. Or, you may be subject to cancellation fees.

-Please come with exfoliated skin.  You will be MUCH happier with your tan if your skin is exfoliated and free of dry skin and patchy spots!  Be careful when choosing an exfoliant.  Many are harsh and can be too abrasive for your skin.   I offer an exfoliant that is PH balanced for your skin as free of oils.  Exfoliating with a gentle scrub gives  you a clean canvas without leaving any oil that will block your tan. 

-It is also best to shave or wax the day before your airbrush.

-Come with clean, dry skin.  It is best not to have any makeup, deodorant, and lotions prior to your tan.   It is easy to go lotion-free for the day, but makeup and deodorant not so much, so if a shower right before your tan isn't possible, I have wipes you can use to wipe these items off with.

-Your tan is about YOU.  You will dress down to YOUR comfort level!  Wear nothing or wear your undies, swimsuit- whatever!  If you do bring your own undergarments to wear, it is best to tan in darker colors. While the solution washes out of clothing and fabrics, it is still best to go with dark colors so nothing rubs off onto your clothes.  I also have disposable bras and panties if you choose to wear them.  Men (must be over 18) and are required to wear bottoms. They must bring another female (over the age of 18) with them that will be in the room while you are receiving your tan.

-Wear loose fitting clothing to go home in.  This will prevent any rubbing or chafing.

- In order for your airbrush tan to "set", you will need to refrain from getting wet or anything that promotes perspiration for 8-10 hours (or 2-4 hours of using the rapid process solution) after your tan.  If you are going to bed before your first shower after the tan, dress in darker colors (long sleeves and pants are best) and cover your pillow with a towel to prevent any discoloration on your sheets.  Again, it will wash out of fabrics, but it is just best to air on the side of caution. 

-It takes 8-10 hours for the DHA to set with your skin and for your tan to really show up.  When getting your airbrush, the immediate color you see is actually a washable bronzer!  This is why it is CRUCIAL to remain dry for 8-10 hours in order to prevent streaking.  This bronzer will rinse right off in the shower and your gorgeous tan will be under that!  It is completely normal to see the bronzer rinsing off of you during that first shower after your tan.  Don't panic if you see a brown color dripping into your shower drain.  This is supposed to happen!

-After showering (while having your lovely tan), pay dry with a towel. Do not RUB!

-To slow down the exfoliation process on your skin, and for your tan to last even longer, it is recommended you moisturize daily with a basic lotion that is fragrance and alcohol-free.  I HIGHLY recommend using South Seas tan extender lotion to deposit a small amount of color or the Peta Jane at home Airbrush Spray (aerosol spray) to touch up areas that have faded and need refreshing.  These will extend the life of your tan and make fading natural and gradual!

-I guarantee my work within 24 hours.  If there is an area or a spot that you need fixing within the first day, I am happy to do my very best to blend and fix that area.  I want you to LOVE it!

Please let me know if you have any further questions!  You can also visit my website www.blushedandbrozedbyjenn under the FAQ tab and find information on products and the tan technique.

I look forward to seeing you and getting you gorgeously bronzed!



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